My Body Is Not Your Battleground

“My Body Is Not Your Battleground” is a photographic series I have been shooting in the UK recently, with the hope to explore what it means to be a young South Asian woman in the contemporary Western space and the relationship we have with our own bodies as a result.

I know so many beautiful, talented and progressive South Asian women, and i’m desperate to show them as such. It’s about time we start making ourselves more visible and speaking on behalf of ourselves, rather than becoming a voiceless pawn within the battleground of politics.

As i’ve been shooting in the UK, i’ve been becoming more aware of the comparison that needs to be made, which is why I would like to travel to Pakistan, the birthplace of my parents, and photograph young women there. I want to show the women that embody the fact that religion and culture and modernity are compatible. Which is where i need your help! Your support with enable me to travel to Pakistan from the UK at the end of March and be well equipped with plenty of photographic supplies.

I’ve become a lot more urgently interested in the idea of self – self-love, self-representation. self-reflection. So this project is just my attempt at making these wonderful women visible in a world that tries to dismiss and hush them.

There is also an element of self exploration in this work, as i have not been to Pakistan since i was 12, so the experience will definitely be influential in my photographic work.

The UK based part of this project will be exhibited in April 2014 at Brixton East, Brixton, in The Body Narratives exhibition “A Different Mirror”.

The Pakistan part will be added to the series as a complete body of work for my graduate show in June 2014 at Free Range, at the Old Truman Brewery, East London.

Thank you so much for supporting me in this, you have no idea how much it will mean to me. This project is important to me and your support will make this opportunity possible.

I’ll be making some cute tote bags that will look like this so you can rep’ the brown girls! (i will be revealing some design additions in the near future!)

I am currently shooting UK based South Asian women, so please contact me at if you’d like to be a part of it! Please email me for any questions regarding this project…I love hearing from interesting people!



+£100 – will cover about 20-25 rolls of 120mm film

+£200 – will cover 40-50 rolls of 120mm film

+£300 – will cover all film costs and enable to me meet various contacts in Pakistan and engage in a more in depth discussion about South Asian women and the numerous issues that I would like to address in this work

+£400 – as well as the above, I will be able to look into creating more work while in Pakistan, and collaborate with other artists to create performative video pieces.

 music is “MIA” – Boom Skit (via Soundcloud)

Risks and challenges

I’m confident that with the funding, nothing will go wrong! My only challenge is to organise and make plenty of contacts who can become part of this project in Pakistan, but I’ve already started making contacts have found some lovely women who are keen to have their portrait taken, so everything is on track.

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